“El Santuario” by Roca at Casa Decor


Roca will be exhibiting at the Casa Décor fair in Madrid from 11 April to 26 May, at the Palacio de La Trinidad.

The brand's installation, called "El Santuario” (The Sanctuary), was created by Andreu Carulla, designer of Roca's Tura collection. The space is designed to be a wellness environment that fuses the mystical essence of the building with contemporary design, offering a unique experience of introspection and renewal.

This year, Roca is once again participating in Casa Decor, one of the most important fairs in the interior and design sectors, held every year in a unique location in the centre of Madrid. This time, the event will be held at Palacio de La Trinidad (Calle Francisco Silvela, 82), an early 20th-century mansion set in 3,600 m² of grounds, with spectacular gardens to give the event a unique rural charm. The building will accommodate 50 spaces, each decorated by established professionals and promising young architects and interior designers.


Roca's proposal at Casa Decor 2024 is called “El Santuario” (The Sanctuary), designed by Andreu Carulla, also responsible for the brand’s Tura bathroom collection. Located in the heart of the old chapel of the Palacio de La Trinidad, “El Santuario” has been conceived as a wellness space that combines the mystical essence of the place with the modernity of contemporary design. Through a combination of soft lighting and natural elements, this special sanctuary invites you to a unique experience of introspection and renewal.

The space recreates a ritual through the experience of the bathroom. The washbasin, a symbol of purification, greets the visitor on entry. Beside it, a toilet and a bidet provide comfort and functionality, blending in with the environment. In the centre of the building, a towering shower serves as a striking monument to water conservation and environmental responsibility. Inspired by Roca’s technology, this innovative design features a closed-circuit system that minimises water consumption without compromising the sensory experience.

In the apse, the centrepiece of the room, a bathtub invites the visitor to rest and contemplation. Surrounded by the original chapel walls, which elegantly show the passage of time, this bathtub represents an oasis of calm amid the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

Design and sustainability

“El Santuario” is an installation conceived by Andreu Carulla (Girona, 1979), whose work is characterised by sustainable, carefully crafted designs that combine technology, innovation and the beauty of simple materials and shapes. As the creative force behind Calma, Isist Atelier and El Celler de Can Roca, Carulla’s portfolio includes notable projects such as the Spanish Embassy in Helsinki, the Normal restaurant in Girona, as well as the Calma chair and the Bolet stool, among many other pieces born from his inquisitive and alert mind.

Andreu Carulla is the designed who created Roca’s Tura collection, the aesthetics and finishes of which adapt the essence of 20th-century Mediterranean architecture to today's bathroom. Tura is a complete collection for the bathroom space, including basins, furniture, accessories, bathtubs, toilets and bidets, with details that combine functionality and beauty, opening up new design possibilities.

In addition to its own installation Roca will have a presence in other exhibition spaces at the fair. Product displays will be featured at spaces designed by RQH Studio, Blanca Rosa Gutiérrez and Impar Grupo.

Casa Decor. Palacio de La Trinidad. Calle Francisco Silvela, 82. From 11 April to 26 May, from 11 h to 21 h, Sundays and y public holidays included. casadecor.es/