Roca gives ‘Mediterranean Perspectives’ at Salone del Mobile


Redefining the boundaries of bathroom design, Roca presents its cutting-edge technolo-gies and inspiring collections at the prestigious Salone del Mobile with a unique stand designed by Barcelona-based architecture firm Mesura.

Roca’s presence at Salone del Mobile’s International Bathroom Exhibition underlines the company's commitment to design excellence and innovation. With a history of impactful displays at Milan Design Week’s Fuorisalone, this debut at Salone del Mobile further solidifies Roca's position as an industry lead-er. “Presenting our brand and products at the world’s most important design event underlines our com-mitment to setting industry standards and engaging with design professionals on a global scale,” says Marc Viardot, Roca Group Marketing and Design Director. An unparalleled venue for presenting the best in furniture, interior design and innovation, Salone del Mobile allows Roca to showcase its latest innova-tions, demonstrate its values, and connect with a diverse audience passionate about design and quality craftsmanship.

‘Mediterranean Perspectives’

Inspired by the Mediterranean and Barcelona’s architectural heritage, 'Mediterranean Perspectives' re-flects the essence of Mediterranean living and embodies Roca's core values. Designed by Barcelona-based architecture firm, Mesura, the stand features a geometric design that resonates both externally and internally.

The exterior of the stand is marked by intricate geometric patterns reminiscent of the iconic architecture found throughout the Mediterranean region. These external geometries set the tone for what lies within. Inside, these geometries come to life, transforming the space into a multi-dimensional environment that integrates Roca’s distinct collections. Each defined area is dedicated to showcasing a specific collection, with a unique atmosphere and nuanced lighting that highlights the specific features of each product.

A textile mesh ceiling, a symbol of harmony and cohesion, further enhances the spatial experience and unites the different areas. This cohesive element allows each product and collection to stand out in its own way, while creating a visually striking and immersive experience for visitors.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of Roca's philosophy, and this commitment is reflected in the choice of materials for the stand, an important aspect of the design process. In order to minimise the environmental impact of this temporary structure, materials from previous events have been reused and will continue to be used in the future; a thoughtful integration that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal and demon-strates that sustainable design can be both visually striking and environmentally responsible.

Roca’s Collections on Display

In a bold step towards design excellence, Roca presents a meticulously curated range of collections and products tailored to the needs and lifestyles of today’s consumers. Not only do they set new standards in the aesthetics and functionality of the bathroom, they also embrace sustainability and the latest techno-logical advances to provide the best bathroom experience.

At the heart of Roca's presentation is the acclaimed Nu faucet collection by Studio Inma Bermudez. Prominently positioned within the pavilion, Nu immediately catches the attention of visitors with its vivid and playful design. Featuring three models with different handles, available in six bright colours inspired by the Mediterranean palette, Nu is infused with unique details and is strongly focused on sustainability. Inma Bermudez, the award-winning designer behind Nu, expressed her enthusiasm about exhibiting at the international design event, "It is an honour to have Nu on the Roca stand at Salone del Mobile. This collection embodies innovation and style, which is perfectly in line with the spirit of this prestigious event."

Alongside Nu, Roca presents a redesigned version of the Targa faucet collection. With its commanding silhouette and bold architectural lines, the all-new Targa has a pure and minimalist aesthetic. Effortlessly elegant, this collection blends seamlessly into a variety of bathroom décors, offering a timeless appeal that transcends fleeting trends. It is available in a range of sophisticated finishes and offers a choice of basin heights to suit individual preferences.

The Tura collection, designed by Andreu Carulla, is presented in a space defined by a sculptural roof, ceramic tiles and earthy textures and an interplay of light and shadow that reflect the collection's deep-rooted connection to Barcelona’s 20th-century architecture. Simple and understated, with soft contours and with great attention to detail and functionality, this collection includes washbasins, bathtubs, toilets, bidets, bathroom furniture, and lighting and storage accessories, and features the latest technologies and materials for comfort and sustainability, such as Roca Rimless® and Supraglaze® glazing for maximum hygiene. One of the main innovations in the collection is the concealed drain on the washbasins and the furniture is available in a range of colours including terracotta, off-white, and grey.

Reflecting Roca’s innovative spirit, Avant is a state-of-the-art toilet that integrates the cistern into the bowl, revolutionising the way we think about bathroom design and functionality. Designed in collaboration with SIAMP, Avant frees up valuable space and requires no electricity. It incorporates a patented flushing system based on the Venturi effect, which ensures a powerful and hygienic flush every time, as well as the Roca Rimless® Vortex system and Supraglaze® glazing for unrivalled cleanliness. With all compo-nents positioned outside the wall, Avant is quick and easy to install. It is available in both floor-standing and wall-mounted models, making it an ideal solution for bathrooms of all sizes.

At the opposite end of the stand, the In-Wash® range of smart toilets is presented as curated industrial masterpieces, highlighting Roca's leadership in the seamless integration of innovative technologies into bathroom solutions. In-Wash® Insignia is the ultimate smart toilet and sets the standard for bathroom comfort and digitalisation. This elegant smart toilet includes front and rear washing features to suit individ-ual preferences and an advanced drying function using the Coanda effect. The toilet can be controlled using the Insignia mobile app via Roca Connect, allowing users to set different operating modes, pro-gramme daily maintenance functions and receive alerts on toilet use and water consumption.

Roca’s range of smart toilets offers a variety of options to suit different preferences and budgets, from the ultimate smart toilet to the Multiclean® M-Series, which transforms a regular toilet to bring a new experience of comfort and hygiene to more homes. In keeping with the clean and minimalist aesthetics of the Inspira and Ona collections, In-Wash® Inspira and In-Wash® Ona offer fully configurable and intui-tive functionality integrated into a universal design.

Visitors can also rediscover Ona, Roca’s high-performance collection inspired by the tranquil beauty of Mediterranean landscapes. With clean, minimalist lines that evoke the warmth and serenity of nature, Ona is made with respect for natural materials and a transversal approach to sustainability. The collection is highly versatile, offering a complete bathroom solution that combines functional and timeless design with the latest standards of hygiene and comfort. Now available in a stylish matt black finish, Ona bidets, WCs, and washbasins represent the very latest in contemporary bathroom aesthetics.