Roca, official sponsor of Alinghi Red Bull Racing for the 37th America's Cup in Barcelona


Roca’s sponsorship of Alinghi Red Bull Racing underscores the company’s commitment to collaborative initiatives and aligns seamless with the shared values of innovation and design between Roca and Alinghi Red Bull Racing.

A global event, the 37th America’s Cup is expected to have a significant international impact on the city of Barcelona, one the most important in recent years.

Roca, a world leader in the design and manufacture of bathroom solutions, is pleased to announce to be an official sponsor of Alinghi Red Bull Racing in the 37th America's Cup, which will take place in Barcelona from August to October 2024. This collaboration represents a important partnership between two entities committed to excellence.

Alinghi Red Bull Racing is a Swiss team that combines sailing expertise with technical brilliance. This mirrors Roca's dedication to outstanding quality and performance. Roca believes in aligning with like-minded companies at the forefront of their respective disciplines, which underscores its commitment to delivering the best bathroom experiences.

Michel Hodara, Alinghi Red Bull Racing co-general manager, stated that "we share Roca’s constant pursuit of excellence, the drive for continuous improvement, and the commitment to innovation and sustainability, as central pillars of our endeavours. For that reason, we are the perfect allies for a competition with such a strong history and prestige, which will be held in Barcelona for the first time". Alinghi Red Bull Racing will also compete in the Youth & Puig Women's America's Cup. This engagement offers Alinghi Red Bull Racing and Roca a unique opportunity to champion in the three categories of the 37th America’s Cup fostering women’s sports and the development of the next generation of foiling superstars.

Seas of Change: Barcelona's ambitious journey with the 37th America's Cup

The America's Cup 2024 is a multifaceted event that has a significant impact on various industries, including technology, sports, and the nautical industry. The Port of Barcelona envisions the America's Cup as a catalyst for innovation and development, using a sustainable model to generate positive economic and social outcomes.

The impact of this global event will be felt in the realms of sport, the environment, territory, science and research and technological innovation. It will promote inclusive access to sailing, nurture a marine identity, and instil associated values. Barcelona envisions itself as a global hub for the research and conservation of the maritime environment, making use of its universities and hosting international conferences. Finally, technology innovation is a significant focus to drive progress in the blue economy, promoting local economic growth related to the sea.

“We are proud that Barcelona hosts the 37th edition of the America’s Cup and we contribute to the success of this global event by engaging with such like-minded high performance teams” says Marc Viardot, Roca Group Global Marketing and Design Director. He adds, "The cooperation with Alinghi Red Bull Racing allows us to leverage the impact and prestige of the America's Cup to spread the word about the importance of joining forces for a more sustainable future".

The next generation of bathrooms, at the heart of the team's facilities

As part of the collaboration, Roca has equipped the Alinghi Red Bull Racing headquarters in Barcelona's Port Vell with the brand's state-of-the-art bahroom solutions, heralding a new era of smart living. These include toilets, faucets and smart showers, all seamlessly integrated with Roca Connect, the brand’s cloud-based smart bathroom framework and digital platform that allows real-time control of Roca's smart bathroom products.

The team can capture and monitor important information and behavioural patterns in the bathroom facilities by incorporating IoT technology. This aligns perfectly with the sustainable practices already embedded in the Swiss team's facility. The aim of this collaborative approach is to optimize maintenance and cleaning costs, while promoting a conscientious approach to water conservation.


Photo credit: 1,2,3 Samo Vidic / Alinghi Red Bull Racing / Red Bull Content 4,5,6,7,8 Roca/Antonio Navarro