Roca Gallery

Roca created the Roca Gallery project in 2010 as a meeting point to encourage a constant dialogue with society and with those professionals with whom the company shares the inquisitiveness and interest in the building sector and the innovation in the bathroom space.

This goal was expressed by means of physical spaces located in outstanding buildings in cities such as London, Shanghai, Beijing, Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon and shortly São Paulo. These spaces, open to the general public, host exhibitions, debates, presentations and other events that, along with the display of Roca’s latest innovations, convey the essence and values of the brand.

Its online platform expands the vision of the project, becoming a virtual space that compiles articles on current trends and future challenges. With the collaboration of more than 160 international professionals, aims to be a space in which to learn, create an opinion and share knowledge on architecture, design, innovation and sustainability.