Bathrooms for everyone

When several different routines converge in one single space, the challenge is to find the way to make them coexist.
Women sitting on a sofa

The bathroom brings out the real behaviour of every single member of the family. In other places, such as the dining room, each one may have an assigned seat. In bedrooms everyone gets organised differently.

However, the bathroom is the space where all personalities converge. How can we overcome this difficulty? Here is a list of suggestions from several mothers that need to face this challenge every day.


Ester, 30.

Bath time is the moment to relax and have fun with my baby.

The bath is where we play and experience new sensations and where we practice and develop certain skills, such as mobility or balance. Nothing makes me happier than seeing her surprised face when water flows on her head.

Virginia bath


Marta, 49.

With two teenage children, savings are a constant worry at home. The dual flush buttons in the operating plate helped me in their education so that, from an early age, they were aware that water is a scarce resource that we have to learn to preserve.

Operating plate


Sandra, 41.

Until recently, whether in the morning or evening, we had to take turns in the bathroom to put on make-up, to shave, to wash our face or to brush our teeth. Since we installed a double basin, there are no more congestions and the stress is gone, and although we run into each other during the rush hour, we can now share the space without compromising our small area of privacy.

Double basin


Carmen, 47.

With the children, that seem to grow each and every day, their father and myself, the only way to have a shower that adapts to everyone’s height was to install a slide shower bar with adjustable brackets. Everyone can now adjust it to his/her ideal height.

Shower bar by Roca


Alicia, 35.

Thanks to the soft-close system I can relax knowing that the children will not trap their fingers when they close the drawers or lower the toilet seat. And with the thermostatic faucets that do not heat up with the water temperature, I do not need to worry that they might burn their fingers if they touch the faucet while I bathe them.

T-1000 thermostatic faucets for bath